Our Meetup Metadata - Member location

Here’s a list of nearby cities and their respective counts of the number of our Meetup’s members living there.

|Dallas, TX|1360|
|Carrollton, TX|497|
|Plano, TX|377|
|Irving, TX|309|
|Richardson, TX|156|
|Denton, TX|141|
|Fort Worth, TX|141|
|Frisco, TX|134|
|Lewisville, TX|129|
|Arlington, TX|123|
|Addison, TX|114|
|McKinney, TX|107|
|Coppell, TX|91|
|Allen, TX|73|
|The Colony, TX|62|
|Flower Mound, TX|60|
|Garland, TX|58|
|Grapevine, TX|50|
|Keller, TX|45|
|Euless, TX|40|
|Little Elm, TX|34|
|Grand Prairie, TX|34|
|Southlake, TX|30|
|Wylie, TX|27|
|Mesquite, TX|27|
|Bedford, TX|26|
|Rowlett, TX|24|
|Hurst, TX|21|
|Roanoke, TX|21|
|North Richland Hills, TX|15|
|Aubrey, TX|13|
|Duncanville, TX|12|
|Prosper, TX|11|
|Sachse, TX|11|
|Colleyville, TX|11|
|Forney, TX|10|
|Tyler, TX|9|
|Mansfield, TX|8|
|Argyle, TX|8|
|Rockwall, TX|8|
|Justin, TX|7|
|Waxahachie, TX|6|
|Melissa, TX|6|
|Lake Dallas, TX|6|
|Greenville, TX|6|
|Sherman, TX|5|
|Cedar Hill, TX|4|
|Sunnyvale, TX|4|
|Kaufman, TX|4|
|Lancaster, TX|4|
|Terrell, TX|4|
|Cleburne, TX|4|
|Burleson, TX|4|
|Gainesville, TX|4|
|Red Oak, TX|4|
|Midlothian, TX|4|
|Waco, TX|3|
|Weatherford, TX|3|
|Desoto, TX|3|
|Valley View, TX|3|
|Royse City, TX|3|

Is it possible to get this data broken down by zip code?

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Please. There are free-to-use GIS systems out there which would plot this info if provided by ZIP.

Can’t do zip codes, but can do the longitudes and latitudes associated with each user which is more specific to each user than the city data.

Was trying to post it all here but I’m 90,000 characters over the limit. Let me know if there’s a great community spot where I can put a spreadsheet or DM me an email address and I’ll send it over.

Here’s example:

Gimme a couple days and I’ll see about correlating each lon/lat with a zip code and then getting the counts.


From a Personally Identifiable Information perspective, I would recommend rounding off the lat,lon info or adding a random fudge factor (I recommend adding +RANDBETWEEN(-100,100)/10000 to both the lat and lon) to obscure the true location.

That fudge factor would take a single location and obscure it to somewhere within an area about the size of a neighborhood. Here is the same lat/lon location (33,-97) randomized 100 times using that fudge factor and uploaded to GPS Visualizer. Accurate enough for determining which part of the Metroplex, but no PII released.


Once that’s done, you could upload the fudged data (but not the original location) to a Google Sheet on drive.google.com and share the URL as read only.


This website requires a Google API key and I’m seeing a charge of $5 for every 1,000 requests. Might you happen to already have a key and would be so generous?

What, exactly, is the purpose of this member scatterplot? I agree that PII data is beginning to become concerning. Not yet…but the drill downs likely need to be kept to city level.