OSB vs Plywood for craft table

Hi all. I am building a pipe table for the hobby room. The top is going to be approx 72" x 36".

We are putting together 2 pieces of plywood or OSB (3/4 or 23/32), followed by a 1/4" sacrificial top.

Since I’m covering it up, is there a meaningful reason to spend extra for the plywood vs the OSB?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Really, if it’s indoor and won’t get wet, there’s no particular reason to use plywood.

Short of a desire for an ideal interface with the ¼" top surface (i.e. if it’s not sufficiently rigid to manage OSB’s inherent irregularity), OSB should suffice - 2x ¾" should prove adequately rigid for just about anything.

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@dryad2b @ESmith

Thank you both for your feedback. I think I’ll go with the OSB. We intend to cover it with wood look vinyl, so I’ll probably go with two thick layers of OSB, then a think piece in case we want to replace the vinyl in the future.

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