Optical Glass Sculptures - working with glass cold


Do we have the ability to cut and polish glass cold?


Could someone use the machine shop tools on glass chunks?


Those sculptures he makes are amazing! I’d hate to see the price on them considering the massive amounts of hours that goes into making them.


If you go to his website you can see what he charges for them. $3000 and up as best I can tell.


Persons interested in such things should take the Glass Equipment Class. We have cutters and grinders and saws. I would not recommend using the regular machine shop stuff on glass, as glass (like tile) is usually worked wet, due to the concern over thermal shock. He may have better equipment than we do, but we’ve got Stuff.


I wonder what type of glue he uses?


Machining glass generally involves diamond encrusted tools and lots of lubricant. If we had the tools the short answer would be yes. Things like the drill press are available but you’d have to use your own tooling


I’ll bet he uses that glass glue that cures with ultraviolet light.


This is an interesting video about profiling a piece of mirror on a CNC Bridgeport mill (this guy actually has the, ummm, spine to do it on a high $ piece of front surface cold mirror!)

IMO, the most interesting part is his ideas for the clamping fixture.


@nicksilva is talking about trying etching glass on the HAAS.