Opportunity to sell/display/promote - Free - Lewisville

Just found this out because of another hat I wear with Lewisville Soup. First Friday in Lewisville is FREE to vendors. FREE. Ya, you heard me I said free.

DMS promo booth…do it @Team_PR
Selling stuff booths @kyrithia @mreynolds @Webdevel @Julie-Harris and SO SO many more of you
@Lampy zap some kids!

I’m going to have a table March 6th for the best organization in the world Lewisville Soup. It’s all weather dependent. Let’s put our tables close and make it a party.

Who’s with me?

Click the link, read the info, do the things.


Contact for the event is Amy at bridalbotiquelewisville.com

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That’s neat. I may have to give that a go. The due date to apply for March 6 was yesterday. :frowning:

Email her - I don’t think it’s much of an issue.

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If only I wasn’t so busy with work this time of year I would do this. :sob: Thank you for posting! I’ll try to drop by. :slight_smile:

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I definitely want to do this, but unfortunately our schedules are so bad right now I don’t know if I can. Maybe by April it will have calmed down enough?

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Nicole, thanks for putting this on our radar. Currently we have 3 separate conventions we are attending in March, one of which falls on this weekend. I will see if we can get a booth starting in April.


Sounds interesting but I’m in renfair mode (no new things until June)


We’re with you. IrishFest is that weekend. I’m doing taxes. Scarborough starts April. Have to think about June. I mean, it sounds good from here, but who knows. Since it’s free, it might be worthwhile for July. July is a month of craft-show deadness, probably because folks are rarely buying…

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Recruit :blankspace:

Report back from first Friday.
Kenneth Ayden and I went down to old town Lewisville yesterday (First Friday) I would say we saw 6-9 tables down in old town all were mostly selling…soaps, men’s grooming, tarot reading, kumbacha etc. very very small foot traffic but ALL the venues were packed full with people (seriously we had to get up and go to two different spots to find a place to eat). It was cold so that might be why few were walking around. Couldn’t really see what was all out on the tables using the ambient light - so bring proper lighting. Tables were spread out approx one per store with nothing in the main “square”. Outdoor games were placed around for traffic. All the eating establishments had specials and musicians and all the stores ran some sort of small deals to help people get out.
Pretty cool and something the city is trying to blow up (this the free space and free advertisement).
I’ll be out next month promoting Lewisville soup. I sent this out to groups at my highschool and I know a few applied to sell or just interact with the public for next month. Hope you are as well!