Opening in 11/20 Woodworking Class

I am new member and wondering if there is a waitlist for tomorrow’s woodworking class at 7:00 p.m. I can also just stop by in case there are last minute openings.Thanks!

Hi, I’m the teacher for tomorrow’s class. There’s no waitlist option, but I frequently get a no show for my classes. I’d check calendar to see if anyone cancels last minute or if you’re in the makerspace you can hang around until class time. I think registration closed, so if there is a slot open tomorrow, DM me with your name and email so I can add you to the list and get AD group registration.

Generally, there is a class every week (usually taught by @TSki, @BirdMan , or myself).

You can always ask for a 1:1 session to get signed off too. Just DM who I mentioned and bring some cash for payment.

Hi there, thank you for the quick reply. My name is Jim Barbera and my email is [email protected]. If tomorrow doesn’t work out, I will message the others too. Thanks again.

Hi There,

I cannot make tonight’s class after all. My mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital so I will touch base soon. Thanks again, Jim

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No worries, I hope she feels better soon.