Open tour suspended?

Hi everyone,
I’m interested in becoming a member and wanted to attend the open house advertised for every Saturday, but I just pulled up outside the space and saw the sign that open tours had been suspended. I’m assuming it’s because of virus concerns, but I just wanted to see if there might be a way to get a short tour of the space sometime soon. Many thanks!

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I’m kinda waiting for someone else to pipe up, because I’m not going to be at the space until 1:30 or so.

There’s always the option of ringing the doorbell, and seeing if anyone’s around with some time to give you a quick tour. Otherwise, come back at 2??

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Yes, tours were suspended today due to:

  • Concerns regarding COVID-19
  • A lack of committed volunteers today

You can always ask someone entering the building if they’ll show you around!

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Sounds good! I’ll plan to be back over there around 2. I really appreciate it.

Hello, I was also wanting to tour today! I can be there around 2 as well if that’s okay? I was really wanting to be able to take the pottery class today so I can start using the pottery wheels but I’m assuming I can’t until I take the tour?

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Well, you don’t have to take the tour to become a member. You could pay (on-line), and sign up for the course. You already know how to use the wheels?

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Oh okay! I took a pottery class a year ago at UNT so I know the basics yes!

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I’m here in the lobby!

Would anyone be willing to give me a tour ? Anytime works (lots of free time) but I am wanting to become a member and could use some guidance! Thanks

Please also sign up for Ceramics 100 to get the “lay of the land” and understand our requirements.

Please Reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thanks, Monika

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How about Thursday at 7pm?

Hi Sarah, you may already be signed up as a DMS member and may have already taken the Ceramics 100 class so you can be officially approved to utilize the ceramics working space,

If so, welcome to DMS membership! :))

But in case you haven’t;

  • Tours aren’t mandatory before membership. DMS IS a big place! With tons of rooms and working areas that members can utilize, so tours help visitors, potential new members, and new members kinda get the lay of the land.

I took two tours, a month apart, and was just as confused when I became a member, as if I never toured at all lol lol. What’s Great is for my first month, every time I came to take a class or work in a certain area, members I ran into in the hallways etc, were only to happy to guide me to where I wanted to go! So don’t be shy about asking! This is an incomparably Great group of folks! And all have been nothing but kind about helping a newbie find their way around :)))

  • After you become a member, read all the online info about being a DMS member, including Talk, Calendar, the Wiki, everything! It will really help acclimate yourself quickly into DMS culture so you can be your most creative self here. Calendar lists all classes available, but Talk is where membership can talk to each other, and where all the different ‘committees’ (departments, parts of the community) both talk among themselves (members with the same interests), and with other committees.

It is where creative ideas are discussed, equipment and tools are discussed, where interest for a certain class can be brought up and asked for, etc etc. So if a member doesn’t at least look at the list of what people are ‘Talking’ about, you really miss so much!

There may be discussions or ongoing discussions that hold absolutely no interest for you or other members, but Talk is like the ‘chicken feed’ that leads you to the ‘chickens’ lol lol. If you want to know where volunteers are needed for a project, or know about a super cool class that a member is thinking about teaching… it’s gonna he talked about on Talk :heart:

  • Also, as Ceramics Co Chair Monika has commented on this thread, to use the ceramics space, a member must First take the Ceramics 100 class. Even tho you took a class at UNT. Every creative ‘making’ area of DMS that has power tools, specialized equipment, specific ways of utilizing the space and cleaning up, Requires a member to take the ‘Introductory’ class for that area/committee/department Before using that particular space. This is so all members using that space are on the same page about the rules so equipment doesn’t get damaged, and everyone is safe :)))

If I said something incorrectly, or left something out, hopefully other members will chime in :)))

Well, cancel that. The Powers That Be have decided to shut down DMS for a… while… Until CDC backs off, at least. Probably when we’re open again, the Open Tours should be back as well. Otherwise, reach out again, and we’ll do something.