Open letter to the CA cookie monster... and others who leave food trash in CA

Dear Cookie Monster,

Yes, I understand that cookies are delicious, and while CA has no rules against food or drink in their space (with the exception of the sewing tables, no food/drink there ever) it is typically considered impolite to leave food out for others to clean up. I’m sure that you didn’t mean to do it, you just got distracted by all the shiny things and interesting people that DMS has to offer. But leaving your cookies for someone else (thank you @edenblue) to clean up was not only disrespectful to the space but also just really bad manners.

I can’t determine your identity from our cameras due to low resolution and there just being too many things in the way of that table and people using it, but consider this a verbal warning. Throw your trash away next time.


All of CA.


To bounce off of this, do folks need to know where the dumpsters are? When I got in Sunday the trashcan was overfull and there was a tied up bag of trash next to the can. By the time I was done with my class the trashcan was full again (some one else filled it up with a project and left) so I ended up taking out several bags of trash to the dumpster that day. If you fill it up, please take it out; the 2 minute walk isn’t going to kill you.



I likes them


That sounds like a confession!


Alas it is not… I am far too recognizable and am RARELY found in CA


Denial, the first stage of a guilty conscience!


I wont deny I’ve eaten far too many cookies :stuck_out_tongue:


I took out nine bags of trash one night (pretty much every single can in the place was full). It was a board meeting night (easily 75 or more people at the space). People were walking around the trash that was falling out of the overfull can in the front hallway by the water fountains.

You just have to realize, most people just don’t care.


Were the dumpsters full at the time?

I took out the packing material for six rolling Sam’s Club cabinets Sunday morning, but I was very careful to flatten the boxes and compact everything else so that I did not fill a dumpster all by myself.

Later that Sunday was project storage offsiting and I do not know what was disposed here since a stated goal was to vacate our storage slots.


Honestly I had no clue where they are and was never shown when I joined. Location of general cleaning supplies was equally not communicated. I feel like we need to put together a kit of info that gets sent out when a membership was activated.

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We used to have a membership handbook. It is no longer printed. There is an orientation class; I do not know what is covered. An introductory e-mail is sent to new members with a link to the 411 page on the Wiki; I do not know whether the location of the dumpster(s) and new trash bags is in there.

it was maybe at 90%, but it was obvious folks didn’t try. and we have a 2nd dumpster now, sure its an extra 100 feet but…

I also took the trash out from the can right by automotive since it was in the same boat. what sucked about that was the piece of sharp sheet metal buried under lots of crumpled work table paper. I almost got a bonus dose of tetanus.

True, but all one has to do is ask.

@steve sadly, yes.


mmmm tetanus

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Dumpsters are out back. Cleaning supplies are in the first door on the left in the new common room.

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I did. Just pointing out as a possible reason

I would think tetanus shots would be mandatory at sign up with dms.

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(Not replying to you specifically, but…)

We also need to let folks know that you can’t overload the dumpsters. Since it might make extra work for the dumpster drivers, they won’t dump a can with trash bags on top.

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Can we legally do that? I’ve been without tetanus shots for ages. Current specialists find it inadvisable to get one expense aside

I had to go to the pharmacy to get mine.

What I mean is my medical team said not to get a booster. I know where to get one if I needed to. Making any kind of medical procedure necessary to join is getting awful close to the edge of the cliff in terms of discrimination. I would imagine its pretty sketchy in the HIPPA department too since at that point we’d be requiring medical records submitted and would need to keep them on file somewhere. For folks who can get one it’s definitely smarter to do so, but I don’t think mandatory is something we can do.