Open back Resin Pendants


Sure, I have enough space for 6 so you can come on in and pa that day. If there is a way to modify the class after the fact it eludes me.


Look for an “Edit” button. I think you can change the number of slots.


I can only edit the text of the class and description.


What do you need changed?


I need to add a free slot so she can sign up and pay that day. Is this possible after the fact?


I think I can add a slot, but anyone can sign up for it.


Go ahead and add it please - @Cairenn_Day please sign up for the slot.


She will have to pay with a credit card if I do that.

What may be doable is if I add one free slot, but again, anyone can sign up for that. If you note who is currently registered, you can cancel any imposers.

Do it?


Yes please



@Cairenn_Day Cairenn, proceed… Ignore that it still says “full”


@Cairenn_Day The open slot is on the Friday class

Thank you @Bill


I just registered for this class before I read the thread about opening a spot for Cairenn, If you need to boot me, no problem. Please let me know and I’ll cancel my registration.

If it was not the spot added for Cairenn, I wanted to let you know I meant to register my daughter, but signed up myself instead. She is 14 so I will need to sit nearby. She has been doing a lot of jewelry work, has been following several resin-related Instagram accounts and was eager to take this class so I jumped on it when I saw it was posted.


Hello! You are ok in that class, The spot was opened on Friday night. It is totally fine for you and your daughter - it is a really fun project!
Look forward to meeting you both:)