Online Teaching Class Live

Link to learn some tips and tricks for online learning is live!


Great idea for a class! We have had a few very successful online classes already, I could really see this being an offering we continue after we are allowed back into the space. It helps us engage members that can’t always make it in, attracts new members and helps us keep in touch with old members who have moved away.


Agreed. I think online classes are a great way to keep people engaged! Just hoping to spark some folks to join the fray :slight_smile:

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If anyone didn’t register but still would like to pop on by DM me for a meeting code :slight_smile:

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Hello, I signed up for the class this morning, and I haven’t received a link to the Google Meet event… pls resend? Thanks!

Great class. I think she did wonderful showing us how to use free or very affordable solutions.

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