Online Metals, 30% off




Thanks, saved $40!


Yes, thanks for posting this!

I’m planning on picking up some stuff this afternoon before going to DMS and would be happy to pick up any other orders while I’m there that would fit relatively easily in my small SUV.


Have they notified you order is ready?

There is a Will Call door you go to. If not ready they don’t pull right then


I ordered last night, and part of it is ready. I am not sure why they notified me that only part of my order is ready—when I checked out, the will call option specified pickup after 2pm today.

Based on a call with support yesterday, I altered my initial order to include only materials that are stocked at the Dallas location.


Where is the Dallas location? I need to order a 3’ x 4’ piece of thin alum sheet (or possibly two smaller pieces) for expansion, and I hate to pay their shipping price.


I’m figuring you can look this up as well as I, but here’s that info:
3001 Alouette
Suite 100
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

but I don’t know if that’s what you were seeking…


Yes, it is. I guess the shipping is less than the cost of gas. Sigh.


How much is shipping?
Round trip DMS->Warehouse is about 50 miles…@10mpg and $3.00/gal that’s about $15.00 in gas (which SHOULD be really high…)

Also, some folks might already be going there and would likely happily pick up…


It’s really Grand Prairie - it is about 3. blocks East of Hwy 360 a couple blocks south of Arkansas.

Go east or Arkansas till you you come to HARCO, turn right, go South, and the road ends at ThyessynKrupp which owns Online Metals. The Will Call door is about 2/3rds of the way from the West end.


I will almost definitely be making another run over there this week. I would be happy to pick up a small order if I have the space—or carpool in a bigger vehicle if it is a bigger order.