Online Beginner Crochet Interest Check

Hi fellow quarantined makers,

Is anyone interested in a beginners crochet class via Google Meet or Zoom? How long would you need to get a size H crochet hook and some cotton yarn (a small skein would do it).

P.S. Cotton yarn is on sale at JoAnn and Michaels. Hobby Lobby has 30% off yarn, too.

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I would be interested. Perhaps a few days to gather supplies. Do you have a plan on when you would hold the class?

I am interested. I am a knitter but for the life of me I cannot crochet past one long string.

I’d like to learn some basics, specifically how to crochet with beads. However, I haven’t connected to DMS for some time and I don’t know how classes are being done. Can small hand work be seen thru video conference?