One slot in MIG Welding Sun 10/4/2020 5pm now open

There is actually an open slot for MIG welding this Sunday 10/4/2020 at 5pm.

It’s jammed by a cancellation that can’t be cleared, so you’ll have to sign up here.

Remember that you need Hot Process Safety – there are still open slots in the 3pm class if you haven’t taken it before.

You will need your own welding gloves and safety glasses (Z-87 +U).


Added a space.


@yashsedai, I tried to do this as well for this class yesterday evening but received an error when trying to save. Is this type of edit do-able for anyone in the calendar admin group, or is “adding a spot” (i.e. modifying the fields in the attendance section displayed in a browser edit screen) considered some sort of “elevated right” by the system? Can this only be done via direct edit in the database?


Only a direct database edit.

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DB edit or a “cheat” in which the cutoff time for edits is disabled and a slot is added to the class before re-enabling the cutoff