On Site Storage Question

Pardon me if this is redundant. I’ve searched topics and cannot find a recent answer. What is going on with onsite storage? Are we not currently allowing members to store projects onsite and if that is the case, will this issue be addressed soon? Thank you for your response.


Not presently involved in Logistics myself, however Project storage is presently not being offered for various reasons:

  • Insufficient volunteers to assist with the ~monthly cycle of purgatory and cleanout, without which project storage would never be available
  • With the ongoing pandemic, performing labor by necessity in close proximity with others during aforementioned shuffling presents a risk to all involved

Thank you for the information. Hopefully we can get some volunteers around to make that happen again as soon as the pandemic is abated.

We are still using the “24 hour … um… exemption”. You can leave something that needs to dry for up to 24 hrs. Don’t leave it on a table. Put your name, phone number, and time left/due back prominently displayed on the piece. Be Back When You Say You Will.

Ok thank you I was wondering because a table I plan to build will take 2 days and I didn’t want to rent a truck for one overnight

this isn’t based on any kind of policy.

please don’t plan on storing anything at the space

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