Old Laptop Donation

I have 5 old laptops (no hard drives) that I want to bring by to leave in the donation area.

Can someone reach out to me to set up a drop off time?

The Donation Shelf has been closed until further notice due to the pandemic. Suggest you hold onto them and wait till it opens up again.

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that was the Freebie shelf that was shutdown due to COVID. Donations still happen, but they have to be accepted.

What are the specs of the laptops?

They’re old. The best is a 3rd gen i5 (so 2012ish). There’s also a Celeron N3050 which is within a few years.

I also don’t know if I have all the AC adapters (I think I have 4), and I don’t know how functional they are. I think the i5 and Celeron should be fine.

A few years ago I dropped off a bunch of really old computer parts (memory, motherboards, processors) and they seemed to be a hit as they went really fast, and so that’s why I’m seeing about donating these. Normally I just have them recycled.

If someone wants ALL OF THEM then I can meet them, but I don’t want to make multiple trips.

All that said, thank you for the quick info on the status of things :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also, I see what you mean hon1nbo… yeah, these are for the freebie shelf. These are in no way good for donation for Makerspace use. MAYBE the i5 and the Celeron, but only if you all are really hurting for some laptops, haha.

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@frogbit Would you like a stack of laptops?

Yes, as long as they can fit in a 4door compact car.
I want to experiment with a home lab setup and have a few extra laptop powerbricks that I could use for them.


I’ll message you frogbit :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!