Old Janome sewing machines have been posted on Ebay

Some one had asked me to let them know when we put the machines up for auction. They are up on ebay now. Please let me know if I need to search for them to give y’all a link.


A link would be lovely. I assume if we were to buy it we could arrange pickup rather than doing shipping?

Yes. While I didn’t set this one up, I can’t see us shipping those puppies…

It does say $25 for shipping, but I feel fairly certain that we can just arrange for pickup.

Things to note: They’ve got lovely computerized stitches, and are quite cool. However, we were having issues keeping them timed. The sewing machine place said it was probably because people were pulling the material through, instead of letting the machine’s feed dogs pull it through. Personally, and this is just my opinion, the folks sewing upholstery leather on them messed them up. They probably aren’t heavy duty enough to pull that much leather through, and folks were pulling. I never had a problem sewing fabric with them.

I am trying to buy the machine on Ebay (my first Ebay purchase) but I cannot find any way to avoid the shipping charge.

Can you help me? I live fairly close to DMS and can pick it up anytime.

Just enabled local pickup, can try now. If you do let me know so I can tag a machine. A couple are different

Thanks! I have sent payment.

Let me know when/how I can pick it up.