Old circular saw blades?

I was looking into some specialty / exotic knife making and was wondering if woodshop puts their old sawblades in a specific spot? and are they free to use? thank you.

Saw some in the metal shop scrap bin yesterday. Not sure if they’re still there

gotcha. thanks for the heads up i’ll peep it from time to time

Just an fyi, the majority of modern circular saw blades that small are mild steel. Suggest you cut a piece, heat treat it and test hardness. Hardness files are in the machine shop.


yep ive been looking at what it takes to temper them properly thanks for the heads up!

Oil works best canola specifically since it has a higher boiling point than water and can cool it more uniformly due to no steam layer, water will also quench it but it does it very rapidly and will cause it be extremely hard and extremely brittle ie you drop it it’ll shatter so not good for any application that requires it flex, also very prone to cracking when you quench it, but the water quench will be perfect for telling wether or not it’s high carbon steel, but the key is to anneal it cause tempering will give you a hard blade Annealing it will give you a hard but just barley flexible blade that it’ll resist snapping better
Or just spark test it, take a piece and grind a section off, if it has lots of bright small sparks that seem to split at the end then it’s high carbon if it’s got fewer dull orangeish sparks that don’t split its mild steel and no good


I apologize, what I was trying to convey is that if it is mild steel it wont harden enough to be useful.


Honestly, it depends on what you’re using them for…

I placed a stack of ~8 woodshop table sawblades in the black smithing area last Saturday.


But be careful of placement when getting the material cause most blades have these hair line cuts in the around the edge to compensate for expansion without warping they’re really hard to see sometimes and if you happen to get a part of one it’s a guaranteed break

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oo nice!

on a semi related note, I had blacksmithing clearance years back. made a rams head. i dont have it on my AD. oof~