Okta Software Access

Hey Y’all,

I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to make use of the Okta software memberships? I was able to enter my account through DMS on there but it’s saying I don’t have access to things still, like Adobe for instance… or any of them so far. Can’t get it to work through the DMS organizational access. Anybody got any advice?


Okta is only used for SSO to the G Suite.

Adobe and the like is only available on computers at the space that are licensed. The temporary home use we were given for pandemic expired a year ago if that’s what you are thinking

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Ah ok sweet! I think I saw on another thread that we just have to sign on with our Adobe ID on the computers to use it?

You can use whatever Adobe ID; if you want to use your G Suite you can, but the only benefit over a non-personal account is you don’t have to trust it on our computers.

If you want to use it, then use your DMS ID @dallasmakerspace.org as the email via organisational sign in on the creative cloud prompt


Just a quick comment on Adobe Creative Suite. When I joined and went to the new member orientation (about 2 mos ago) we were told we would have personal access. This needs to be omitted from the class going forward.

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I think they meant to say you can login to your personal adobe account if wished (synced account settings for the apps and whatnot)

I’ll start a PM thread; I haven’t seen the particular of the class so we can figure out what needs clarifying.

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I tried creating an account with Adobe using the @dallasmakerspace.org account and I was told Access Denied

You do not have access to this service.
Contact your IT administrator to gain access, or sign in with an Adobe ID. Who do I speak to about getting the Adobe account working?

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It’s not a new account creation, it should just let you login. Are you doing this on one of the DMS computers with adobe? It only works on our org.

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I think at the very least, we should treat members as employees with benefits rather than just donors.

I would like to petition for DMS to gain external and full access to the Adobe CS. Who can I talk to about this to put this in action? This is standard for Art College Students to gain, and as a Nonprofit, I think we too deserve this sort of access and freedom to create from home to supplement our time at DMS.

If you see this and agree, please notify me with a like or comment and I will make another thread on the petitioning and requesting topic.

we are all volunteers here. we had to fight for adobe to give us the ability to pay crazy amounts per seat to have public seats to use on site at the space. this isn’t some fight you have to take up with the board of directors. they are volunteers just like you and pay the same membership dues. it’s not a donation

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Unfortunately this is not how adobe views us. We are not entitled to educational access. The licenses we have are paid for and are used on the machines at DMS.

Because Adobe does not view us as an educational institution we are unable to provide this service.

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Even for schools (which we’re not) Adobe charges $51.99 per month per user before tax. Our costs would be higher than that. Compare that to the monthly dues. Not going to happen.

I’ll see what I can do dudes.


I use GIMP. It’s free and does more than most people need. There are tons of YouTube tutorials.

Here’s where you can download it from:


Adobe Update:


I hope this is an exciting possibility for everyone as much as it seems to be for me…

I talked to an Adobe CS Sales representative and they informed me that there is an educational discount for accredited educational institutions. If we had this discount, then we could get full Adobe CS access individually for a max of 19.99/month as long as we are either students or faculty members of said institution.

Obviously I know DMS is not an accredited educational institution. BUT I was able to ask this sales associate, “if we were somehow able to become VOLUNTEERS at an educational institution, would we be able to use this benefit?” He said YES we would be able to use the discount in that scenario.

So this got me thinking, perhaps we might have some connections here at DMS to develop some sort of university volunteering scheme for interested members.

I’m thinking that we could individually get certifications somewhere as volunteer lecturers and then form some sort of partnership where we can host workshops and classes through a local university here at DMS. This could possibly enable us to AT LEAST have access to this discount. It depends on the university, but the ones that I have gone to have been very forthcoming in providing software accessibility to all students and staff.

Does anyone want to chime in on this idea?

This still does not make fiscal sense for us. As a 501(c)(3) with no paid staff all the money that comes in goes to paying the operating costs of the organization. There is not room in the operational budget to remove $20.00 a member per month from this.

I’m not saying that DMS would pay for that, it would just give members individual access to a discount for the software on their personal computers.

I know that I would personally benefit from that discount and I’m sure others would as well.

If I’m reading it right, you would get that access by volunteering at an accredited group, and that would flow straight from the accredited institution to you, without getting DMS involved in that process at all.


I’d humbly suggest:

  1. We’d have to be completely transparent with Adobe as to the exact facts involved. We wouldn’t want to ruin our reputation. We don’t want it said that we created fictitious/fake/nonsubstantive relationships with universities as a scheme to get valuable software discounts that we otherwise weren’t entitled to have. Even if some university professor looks the other way or, in ignorance, says he’ll go along with something he/she thinks is OK but that might violate their software licenses/relationships with Adobe, that’s not enough. We need Adobe’s signoff.

  2. The idea of university professors and their grad students using DMS as a venue for giving public lectures relating to our fields of interest is a great one. Worth pursuing for someone like you with the energy to see it through.