OK, we need a class!

Can somebody teach how to make these?


Well, sure, but the craze will be over by the time we get a class together.

FWIW, those are the more expensive seed beads (Toho’s). Mind you, one … um… $5 tube would make several pairs of those, so the per unit cost is not that high. How can I tell that? Each bead is nearly perfectly the same size. Mind you, we might not care about the level of perfection. It is, after all, a joke…

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What is that stitch style called? Have a friend gaga for the Sashka and Co. style beaded ones and time to kill next week…

That’s your basic Peyote stitch.


I’m not sure what they’ve used for the “roll”. Might be easier to use a thin brown leather, rather than trying to fight with an actual tp roll.

Haha boo. I need to know what the bracelet stitch is. Peyote I have locked down

??? “Bracelet?”

Also looks like peyote, probably worked over a plastic bracelet blank.

I’m working on some of these now.:rofl:

5th times a charm trying to get the peyote to come out right. SMH

(btw hobby lobby had all beads on sale 50%of yesterday. This little tube was $7 originally, but my normal seed beads just weren’t cutting it)


Looks awesome! You rock

Really sad I had to miss your last spider classes. Guess I’ll have to YouTube it. But I’d rather be in your class. Life is full of bumps right now.


I was sad, too. Maybe we can meet up sometime and play with wire and beads.

When everything blows over, we’ll schedule another class that fits your schedule.