Office hours for laser


What are the current laser office hours? I’m working on my first project and would just like the security of someone with me the first time.



Just a heads up, I moved your thread to the Laser category.

If you’ve taken the training you can use the laser at anytime, I don’t think we really have “office hours” but there’s often members hanging around who can help you if you run into issues.



Laser had been holding “office hours” sessions when members can come for help.

None are currently on the calendar.

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Hello, Brenda. I remember my nervousness as a first-time laser user. As you can see, Laser 105 Office Hours is not a regular class. I’m one of its instructors and I set up the Fall series to coincide with my teenage son’s schedule. I do not have another series in the works. However, I would be happy to put one on the calendar if you share your availability. That way, I get one guaranteed student and others can also take advantage of the help. Next week is iffy for me, as I’m expecting a contractor at the house in the evening.