Off-roaders of DMS

As I sit here awaiting a winch plate that’s supposed to be delivered later today, I was wondering if any other off-road enthusiasts wanted to get together and discuss off road related topics. Equipment, rigs, trails… etc.

I haven’t done any real trails in my Jeep yet, just mainly gravel roads and country driving. I know we have a person who installed a lift on their Jeep in their garage. I’ve heard we’ve had at least one individual who has done Moab (I would love to do that in the future). Another person at DMS enjoys taking Jeeps on trails in Colorado.

I’ve got a Grimm Off-road winch plate arriving hopefully today. Anyone want to check it out before it gets installed? I’d like to make my own bumper around it.


I’ve done several lifts in my driveway and several friends garages/driveway.

Helpful tip, don’t just have only alcohol to drink if you have friends over to help.

I haven’t done any JL’s only JK’s, TJ’s, LJ’s. The TJ’s/LJ’s are a bit more difficult than the JK’s. The TJ/LJ’s have shorter control arms than that of the JK’s in stock form.


First work, then beer.
Should be a poster in all garages, because most motorheads’ll do anything for a 6 pack of PBR, but ya gotta get it done before you “pay”.

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Lift is down the road. For now I want to get the winch plate installed and choose a winch. I’m thinking I’d like to hide it, but we’ll see how possible that is after I install plate.

Lol. I was handed screwdrivers.


I’ve done two liftkit installs in my garage now and what I learned is:

  1. August is the worst time of the year to do them, no idea why I did both in August :rofl:
  2. Set aside a weekend to do it (preferably a long weekend), it’s better to take it slow and do things right than mess it up doing things fast.

I have done a ton of mods to my Jeep, this is very likely not a complete list:

  1. 3" Teraflex liftkit, shocks, springs, all control arms, limit straps, bumpstops, etc
  2. 35" tires - I love my BFG KO2’s
  3. Adjustable steering stabilizer
  4. heavy duty diff covers (after I dented up the stock one on the rear)
  5. Dual battery system, sPod switches, ham radio, cb radio
  6. New/better headunit, speakers (I designed and laser cut an adapter mount for the tweeters), and underseat subwoofer
  7. Swapped practically ever light out for LEDs, inside and out
  8. Thick aluminum front bumper with 10k lbs winch
  9. Ripped out a lot of the carpet because metal and removable rubber floormats are way easier to get mud off
  10. Extended diff breather tubes, so I can go through deeper water (practically up to the intake!)
  11. A million other tiny things I’m for sure forgetting
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Still at sock tire size but will agree BFG KO2’s are great at highway speed or gravel roads.

You mentioned going LED, including headlights? If so what did you use?

I used JW Speaker for the headlights, they have a projector style that works really well. Pricey, but I figured for headlights I’d rather have something I can trust. My off-road lights are just LED bars/spots I grabbed off Amazon for cheap.

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For my headlights I went with S-v2 (before the v4 came out). Was actually my first mod. They’ve been measured at 300% brighter than the stock halogen. Because of how they were designed it keeps the same cutoff so reduced glare while keep stock housing. I absolutely love them.

Am kinda thinking the Quadratec stealth light bar, but am holding off on that till I need it.

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TJ driver here originally from Colorado: I’m up for meeting with other offroad folks, and I volunteer as a helping hand if anyone needs help on a project.

I jammed in a rear locking diff in the driveway a couple years ago, but I haven’t had the tenacity to take on any more large projects without a workshop since then! But now that I joined the makerspace though I want to do quite a few big projects like a re-gear, front locking diff, lift, axle truss, etc.

That ::thump:: you can hear as parts are put outside your door…

There are names more recognized than Grimm, but what caught my attention for this plate is it all one solid piece of 1/4” steel. CNC cut and bent but no welds.


I’d be interested. More of an overlander, adventurer than rock mud crawler.
2020 Tacoma TRD off road. Just Picked up my Super Pacific Wedge tent Camper in Portland 3 weeks ago.

Need to build out the bed set up and probably add a leaf.


A winch mount and other is on my list of lists.


For those interested… 4 Wheel Parts is putting on the Truck and Jeep fest this weekend at Dallas Market Hall. Admission is free. Great place to go and check out parts in person. Some good deals too usually.

They have an area of parts kinda scratch & dent/clearance.


Yeah, but also often “convention” discounts. Got my smitty built tow hitch at 20% off last time.