October 2019 Metal Shop Committee Meeting (20191005, 12pm)

Administrative agenda items

  • Final discussion and vote regarding selling the Lincoln TIG unit
  • Vote on switching to an exterior welding gas system at an estimated up front cost not to exceed $2000, followed by swapping in increments of 6 bottles in a cradle pack
  • Discuss any new business & requests

Must Do Chores List

  • Check our current assortment of safety glasses (both shaded and clear)
  • finish welding small cage for pony bottles to get them out of committee storage.
  • check grinder wheels
  • check welder wire and gas
  • check vapor hone water & media
  • general sweeping and cleaning of shop
  • sorting of the committee raw materials
  • removal of personal property found in various corners (stashed material, projects that are not permitted for storage, etc). Will coordinate with Logistics on whether we can stick these in Purgatory or what else will happen

Other items for todo list

  • Cut down old plasma slats for MIG classes
  • if Lincoln sale approved:
    ** do a sample weld and photograph
    ** takedown unit, photograph parts and kit
    ** bundle cables etc neatly for temp storage
    ** use space generated to make the PPE storage a bit neater in the interim

Items for Acquisition on Supply Runs

  • Vapor Hone media, if needed (Aluminium Oxide, by the Bucket)
  • Steel Paint Pens (Orange or similar)
  • basic drill bit set for the drill press
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The vapor hone medium is not good.

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Do you mean the the medium in the machine currently needs replacement or that the type of medium we are using is of poor quality in general?


It needs to be replaced. It’s not totally useless yet.


I will be running by the metal store to grab 4ft sections of mild steel for TiG classes and to replenish the emergency stock on Monday/Tuesday.

More than happy to help weld up the pony bottle containers. Not 100% sure I’ll be able to make the meeting yet, depends on if I can get a return flight before then or not.

I changed the date to Saturday the 5th

good 'ole off-by-one errors.

How much more do we need? I didn’t take a look at the stock when I was in today.

We have plenty of aluminum - I only cut 2 of them last class, put the remainder in the emergency stock. I’ll check tomorrow.

Did not see any steel, but haven’t checked since the class. Will look tomorrow when I’m up and get you an accurate number. We have plenty of the plasma table slats (new) but not so good for TiG welding unless we want to burn new slats.

I haven’t noticed any mild steel – but I thought we were going to use up the old Dynatorch slats for coupons first…

For MIG, but for TIG we need cleaner metal for a proper class with reliable results.

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We have 14 of the aluminum stock for coupons. No mild steel stock.

Once again I’m out of town. Convenient eh? Seriously, I hate miss these meetings. Also once again Charlie P. Is authorized to do any cleanup assigned to me. LOL

Just picked up 40ft of 3/16x2" Mild steel flat. Will drop by the space and cut it later tonight. I will put one classes worth in the teaching cabinet pre-cut.

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For those who cannot be physically present, a dial in / Hangouts is available:

Join Hangouts Meet

Meeting ID


Phone Number:
‎(225) 417-1203‬ , Conference PIN: ‪727 846 484#‬


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I had to work today, or else I’d be there. I don’t think they’d appreciate it if I was following the meeting…


Jim Hartnett
nicole fontenot
JJ Perry
Ron Flores
Tim Bene
Marcel McClain
Charles Procter


  • Proceed with External Gas project, not to exceed $2000 (note: focus on attempting argon only since MIG will run with Argon, but have budget for mix gas as well). Will proceed regardless of Board allocation. - Unanimous

  • Sell the Lincoln TIG - Unanimous

Tasks completed:

  • sorted and culled the committee steel rack
  • removed all illicit personal storage and abandoned items
  • heavy cleaning
  • disassembled the Lincoln TIG. It’s currently in 102 with other hardware that is available for sale. On pallet and readily moved @apparently_weird has offered to take some better photos of it and its parts
  • removed the old tungsten grinder
  • laminated instruction manual for new pencil-sharpener style tungsten grinder
  • sorted tools


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Fixed vapor hone, nozzle was clogged.
Replaced the gloves on the vapor hone.
Charles cleaned the window washer nozzles.
Charles Shortened the weir in the basin.
Charles checked the ground for the dynatorch. We have .83 volts between the ground and neutral.
I charged the grounding rods with salt water.