Obnoxious Twits on Multicam

I don’t know what’s going on in Multicam training but this seems to be a recurring theme… this is the spoilboard.

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@Mrksls2 Looks like its time for someone to take a look at the cameras and demand retraining. This is an easily preventable issue, so for it to keep happening is ridiculous.


IDK but at least they made tabs lol smh

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There has yet to be any visible consequences which will make the difference as to whether this will continue to happen


Speaking of obnoxious and multicam, I just realized that I left 12 2x6 cutoffs sitting on it. Sorry about that.

This calls for a ban from everything in the ‘space except button-making!


@Team_Woodshop Not sure if this is a known issue but the badging system for the Multicam isn’t working. Anyone can use the Multicam. I’ll check for a Issue post when I get home and if there isn’t one, I’ll create it.

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I’ll make a button!


I have looked at the camera and pulled the log. I will have a nice conversation with the culprit. May get a little vacation from the Multicam. And get a chance to reimburse the space for a new spoil board.

The issue is the attitude of damaging something, looking at the damage, walking away and not even the courtesy to let anyone know. That attitude is not in keeping with being a good member of the woodshop.


Someone moved them to the table if you want them.

Mike, just for everyone’s knowledge and in light of what you said about “the issue is…”

Does it appear from the footage that this was caused by failing to set max depth?

And you mentioned pulling the log: Note that as I said above, badging in to the Multicam currently doesn’t work. You don’t have to badge in to use it.

Not the rfid log
The machine log

Shows the person running a job between your two uses of the Multicam

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I was was the responsible for those lighter marks on the temporary spoilboard (not all of them and not the large circle), shown in the picture, and I was not trying to evade responsibility by any means. The max depth was set correctly, but since the vacuum table is not operational, it must be higher toward the lower quadrant. You can also see that the marks faded into the spoilboard, suggesting it was not flat to begin with. Other cuts on the spoilboard followed similar pattern. I don’t take access to the euqipment for granted. My understanding is the temporary MDF spoilboard is not planed and it sitting on top of a vacuum surface with no suction- therefore not flat relative to gantry. @bertberaht


Valid point. Someone does need to surface any spoilboards put on the table … temporary or not.

The BoD approved the replacement vacuum/blower yesterday. I think @FreddyCalvert and crew were trying to pick one up Friday.


Sounds like it will go live early this week.


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I don’t personally see the light marks as an issue. That doesn’t render the spoilboard as ruined. As you said there are going to be some high/low spots. it is the deep gouges and hole that are of interest. cheers!

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I was only routing on the frontmost part of the table and cutting at absolute max depth (i.e., “Depth Protection Active”) the bit barely penetrated my work and didn’t mar the spoilboard.

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