November 2021 Machine Shop Committee meeting 11-27-21

I would like to remind everyone that the Machine Shop committee meeting is this coming Saturday, 11-27-21 at 5pm in the Lecture Hall.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

What do you want to see with the committee?
What do you think we need? (Besides drill bits)

If you have any questions on how the committee is run or to see the normal members, please join us. I welcome you.


We still need better lighting.

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I’ll try to be there. Let’s hope the holiday sale people have cleared out by then.

Who they?
Expiring minds need to know. :rofl:

Valid point.

See if front conference room is available.

We’ve already snagged that one, plus it’s tiny. Purple and Pillar rooms are available. Plus, there’s probably only a couple of tables in use in the Lecture Hall.

I just installed 4 of these in my nephew’s garage. They are PHENOMENAL.

I will not be able to take the minutes for the Machine Shop meeting.

The smooth curved lens make it easy to wipe down and clean. Connectors make easy install - just a dab is silicone around them and they sealed.

@Photomancer we do have our normal spot in the Lecture Hall. December we have the North Lobby, I must have copied the October meeting for it to get there.

They are even the right times too. Lol

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They look great but according to the various Q&A they do not appear to be UL listed. There is no response from the seller answering that question directly.

I could not agree more!! I too have installed Barrina lights in my garage similar to the ones @MTLmanglr references and they are just as good as he describes.

Funny timing on this post as I was just reading about light requirements for different industries. I came across this reference guide which is derived from recommendations by the Illuminating Engineering Society.
From the Industrial and Manufacturing section of the document the lighting ranges (in Footcandles) is in the 50-100 for the average across the space and can be even higher across the range of an entire area.
I’m going to try and measure the footcandles across the machine shop as a reference. Not sure what it is at this time but I do struggle with the levels personally.

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Meeting is tomorrow as a reminder

As finding lights, I found these task lights. They don’t have UL but to have CE, & a few others.

Here is the link for those whom wish to attend remotely.

Dial-in: (US) +1 336-948-0085

PIN: 581 541 912#