Nov Electronics Com Mtng and Chair Elections

Thursday Nov 7 @ 7:30p in the North Lobby Classroom.

I’ll run again.
Need suggestions for Mouser donation.
Shawn is stepping down as V-Chair.


I will be out of town that day. Art, you have my proxy vote.

I’m having a medical procedure on that day and won’t be around.

Art, you have my proxy vote.

I will be unable to attend due to a commitment to facilitate a high school football game that evening.
Art, you have my proxy vote.

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Art, I’ll be on vacation that week - if I’m in town, I’ll be there… but I have to get the feeders filled and things going at the ranch for hunting and I’m late getting that done.

You have my proxy vote for chair again. If you don’t have anyone volunteering for vice-chair, I’ll toss my name in and help you.



Have you read this PM thread or should I repost here?

Read a while back. From the thread:

BK 867c universal pgmr

BK 851 EPROM Eraser

Microchip Atmel ICE

ELab will eventually have 1 - 2 benches to equip. May want to duplicate what’s on other benches for consistency. Not a requirement.

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Art Givens will remain Chair of Electronics.
Raymond Jett will be V-Chair.


Chairman Art - cult following arising!


Wondering if you stayed a little to long over there…:thinking::smirk::grin:
Cult following…nah. Just a bunch of great folks in the Committee and SIGs that get things done.:smiley:

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Are there any meeting minutes?

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There will be. Will have those who attended review them before posting somewhere on the wiki.

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