Notice of Intent to Reactivate the Competitive Robotics Committee

Join us on Wednesday, January 9th at 6:30pm in the Purple Classroom to reactivate the Competitive Robotics Committee.

The purpose of the Competitive Robotics Committee is to:

  • Organize robotics competitions at the Makerspace
  • Educate the membership about robotics
  • Compete in regional, national, and international robotics competitions.

Organize robotics competitions at the Makerspace
Texas Robot Combat, formerly DARC (Dallas Area Robot Combat) is looking for a new home. I have been a member of TRC for the past year along with other DMS members such as @frank_lima and @themitch22. TRC owns an 8’x8’x8’ arena and hosts quarterly competitions for combat robots up to 3 pounds. The contest in September attracted more than 40 bots and over 100 spectators. We intend to propose to host these events in the Makerspace expansion at the January board meeting.

Educate the membership about robotics
We pledge to host monthly workshop meetings where we will assist those attempting to build their own combat robots. In addition, we pledge to teach monthly classes. We taught “Building Your First Combat Robot” in July and attracted a dozen students. We have plans to branch out into classes such as robot design, CAD, materials selection, prototyping, and project management.

Compete in regional, national, and international robotics competitions.
Mitch and other members of TRC competed at SparkFun AVC in Colorado last September, and we have circled this competition as a goal for our members for Fall 2019.

Meeting Agenda

  • Motion to reactivate signed by at least 5 DMS members
  • Prepare for January Board Meeting where we will present our intentions and proposals
  • Assessment of funds ($1000 from BattleBots effort?) and potential uses
  • Discussion of hosting Texas Robot Combat events for 2019
  • Planning of monthly workshops and classes
  • Vote on chairperson

I do not think I can make the meeting.

Can I sign by proxy?


Yes. Please sign a statement and put in Frank Lima’s orange storage box in the back row around the middle.

I suggest moving this to someplace other than DMS General so that it is visible by the public.

I don’t know how to do that or where would be appropriate. Public Relations? @StanSimmons

It is kind of misnamed, but…

I forsee many members of TRC/DARC joining DMS.

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Count my vote in on this and there might be one or two members of @Team_VCC that would be interested especially after the Lets Build a Drone class we had.

@miker thanks for attending that class btw. Thought I let you know about this :wink:

I’m out of town on the 9th but please allow this message to serve as my proxy in favor. Please print out and deliver to the powers that be as necessary.

Pat Mulry


Sounds like a great idea, curious about this point

Is the ask to use the emptyish expansion space before DMS moves into it or to just find some general workspace somewhere to use on a temporary basis for each event?

Planning to continue to hold quarterly events.

@Brandon_Green’s point is that the expansion space will not just be a yawning space. A great deal of thought has been put into allocating square footage to various committees, so classrooms would be your only real ongoing option for hosting battle events.

It is possible that a classroom will be the best option. Thank you for your input.

Tomorrow night!

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I’m going to try and make the meeting tomorrow. This sounds like a fun area to explore.

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There is still $1000 in the committee fund but only because the Board did not recapture it. I would at least talk with them before you assume the funds are available.

I would like to second the motion on reactivating the Competitive Robotics Committee!

As much as I would love to attend the meeting tomorrow, I already have plans made.

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When your formation group meets, discuss:

  • How much physical space needed: Arena, work area, etc.
    • When not in use
    • When Holding events
  • Infrastructure support - e.g. power
  • Initial capital expense
  • Tools Needed
  • how it will support itself: types of classes, etc.

(This is a hint of what I’ll ask when it gets to BoD agenda item)

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Admission ($3 for adult) was charged at prior DARC (Dallas Area Robot Combat) events.

Please submit a proxy to Phil or Frank Lima.