Not Your Recycling Center

DMS is NOT your recycling center.
DO NOT bring your hazmat crap from home / business and expect DMS to take care of it.

To the person who brought in this collection of batteries left them in the corner of the Lunch Room -
You need to retrieve this ASAP and take care of it yourself.
Don’t drop them in the dumpster on your way out. (cameras out back)
The gel cells can be dropped off at Altex here in Carrollton.
The bag of misc batts can probably be dropped off at Batteries plus Bulbs also here in Carrollton. You may need to pay them to recycle. Call.

Kudos to you for wanting to recycle.
Shame on you for expecting DMS to take care of it for you.


I collected a bunch of old lead acid batteries, including three automotive and tractor batteries. I dropped them off at O’Reilly autoparts in Carrollton. I got a $10 credit for all of the automotive/tractor batteries and they took everything else. (Everything was lead acid. Some of the batteries were the small kind.) They recycle the cores for the lead acid batteries.

I applied the credit towards a new tractor battery.


My city (Coppell) contracts via waste management hazmat disposal up to once a month with at home pickup. Your city may as well.

Well, DMS used to encourage dropping off old batteries. Can you really blame a member who had not been around recently?

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Short answer - YES.

While we did at one time have a bucket with signage for battery recycling, at no time have we had a ‘drop off somewhere out of the way on the floor in the lunch room’ policy.

That’s what has happened since we don’t have the bucket out. I’ll recycle them next week.

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Ah, thanks for doing that. Is this an ongoing program or you’re just helping out?

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Ongoing. I am going to make it happen next week, though.

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