Not sure if ESC or motor not working

I am recently getting into RC airplanes and have a ZTW 60 amp ESC and a Sunnysky x2216 2600kv motor. When I connect the battery, there are no beeps indicating the number of cells in the battery and the motor does not spin when the throttle is moved.
A servo connected to the receiver does move however.
I am not sure whether the motor(which I think it the part that makes the beeps right?) is broken or the esc itself. How do I test?

You can test the throttle output of the receiver by putting a servo to it, since they all use the same pwm standard (gas powered throttle controls are literally servos connected to the throttle).

If you can afford to, you can also pick up a spare motor or ESC and swap out one at a time.

However, also make sure that your battery is within the ESC voltage range. Some can be picky and won’t come online if the voltage is too high or too low.