Not able to activate lift

@Team_Automotive, after using the lift for the past 4 years, I realized tonight that I can not unlock the RFID. That’s after driving 35 minutes one way to use it :frowning: I’m one of the poor schmucks that had the privileged of donating $50 to get certified. I still have the evidence. I did a search of talk and found the post by Jim about the RFID changeover. I completed the test but I guess I also need to talk to someone? Any chance that can happen tonight or should I take the truck out of the bay?

Create an issues and requests, provide proof to Infrastructure that you took the class and you should be sorted.

If you dont mind, send me your proof and I’ll get you sorted so you can use the machine.



Thanks Freddy. There is an open issue with the details.

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Thanks! It is working now.

lol. after all that I still get to take this truck home and do all the work in my driveway. No shop towels. I’d be happy to help out with the ordering if someone wants to PM me.