No Supplies but Wanna Make Masks?

Well back home in Texas I have a sewing machine, excess fabric, thread, interfacing, etc that I am willing to let someone borrow/take to make masks or other PPE to donate.

I do NOT have elastic. However, the wide sports hairbands you get at walmart are perfect substitutions if you can’t find any at Joanns or elsewhere.

If you are interested please DM me and I will arrange to have Adam set everything outside for you to pick up when you’re able.

If you need other supplies, by all means ask!

I hope everyone is staying safe!


This is so generous of you!

I’ve got my sewing machine set up and hope to start production today.

@Hardsuit has a template that doesn’t require elastic I believe. That may work for you.

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Joann fabrics is also handing out kits if someone wants to hop in and has decent sewing skills!

@Sarah_Hustwit listed the NTX facebook group (featured on local Fox Affiliate this AM): in that thread, and you can see what Paul’s got going on…

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I was reading somewhere that some places are preferring ties vs elastic as it weathers the sterilization process better

Something to check into and might negate need for elastic

I (and some people from the texoma mask makers group) have started using strips of tshirt for the ties. (I ran myself out of both elastic and ribbon)
I used 1.5 inch strips and trifold/sew them (basically bring the two sides up as in sewing and zigzag over the top)
I like the look better.
Others are just leaving the strips to do their natural rolling-up.


For those making masks, this site also lists needs by state (with several NTX locations) if you don’t already have a place to donate in mind.

The site lists two patterns that healthcare organizations can choose from or they can upload their own mask pattern.

My daughter and I are members of the Plano chapter of the American Sewing Guild, and along with around 80 other chapter members who signed up to help, we are making masks for a few Baylor locations.


My mom found 100 yards of elastic suitable for masks. She won’t be able to distribute it, but someone could come pick it up, or she may be able to drop it off somewhere.


If you are going to include a nose wire, USE BARE COPPER WIRE.

Please do NOT use twist ties, aluminum foil, floral wire, etc.

The virus decays MUCH faster on copper compared to almost all other hard surfaces.

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