No more belly aching about automotive being ill-equipped

At least we have a nice concrete floor and work tables.

It’s like Tony Stark making the Mark 1 while a prisoner in some third-world cave in the middle of the desert.


One has to admire the folks making do with what they have in their working situation. This video reminds me of car repair shops in Tehran back in the early 1970s as a kid (this will date me). I bet they appreciate what they have as well - unlike some of our member customers.

This should have been posted for some of the overly sensitive folks over in the machine shop - the ones that have to have the cleanliness of a surgical suite as their ideal machine shop with a staffed tool room.

As a guy with two metal knees, I am always awe-struck by how these guys can squat like they do for hours on end … and then they can get up and actually walk!

Also good to note, he appears to have hands that are in good shape despite the violence he applies to the work piece.