No longer getting smooth top layers

Hi I have an ender 3v2 and for a while I have been having no problems with the top layers coming out smoothly. But now the top layers come out in a way that I can best describe as grainy or fuzzy I have attached a picture of before there were issues and the second one has the issue. Any advice is appreciated!

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Does it look like there’s any pillowing: divots between internal support structure, hard to tell from the pics ?

Is your nozzle worn at all/ is the extrusion orifice blocked at all? When’s the last time you leveled the bed/ replaced the nozzle?

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I’ve had the printer about 2 months and haven’t changed the nozzle. I haven’t even used half a roll. It has a bl touch so it auto balances every time. On very small surfaces like 1x1 cm I get a flat surface. Would an obstructed nozzle do this? I guess that would be the first step to check.

Sure is in not moisture in the filament causing bubbling?


Does it appear grainy/fuzzy on internal layers as well?

Which material are you printing with?

About how long have you seen the fuzz? I’m wondering if the ongoing rain could be partly to blame.

Have you made any changes to the environment of the printer or filament between your last good print and now?

Edit: do you hear lots of popping while printing? Perhaps the sound of water boiling and exploding out of the filament.

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I have sometimes heard a noise I can’t recognize the printer is in the same environment but yes there has been a lot of rain in humidity does that mean the whole role is ruined? It’s pla

Not ruined. There are filament dryers that would probably take care of the problem.

For just one roll, not worth it, but it’ll be handy down the road if you can get one.

It will take a few hours most likely.

If you aren’t already, start storing your filament in a ziplock freezer bag. Add a desiccant packet. ( Lots of filament these days comes with the bag and desiccant when you buy it. Just use that if you have it. )

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So the insides do look bubbly as well The only thing that is coming out properly is the walls is that a sign that it needs to be dried?

That would be my guess.

If you have another roll of filament - preferably not previously opened - try that and see if it smooths back out.

I unfortunately only have an abs that I also left out so I ordered a dryer to see if it fixes the issue. Thanks for the advice! I’ll be back if it doesn’t solve it😂

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Good luck. Hope that fixes the problem for you.

If your slicer supports an “ironing” option you can check to see if that option is turned on. Ironing is an additional pass with the nozzle but no new filament being extruded in order to smooth the top surface. Using it can improve the top surface quality.


Checked and it is not on. I got the dryer yesterday and ran it through a 6 hour dry so I will be testing again today.

It took a while to retest it because I had to get a new vehicle touch and move things around but yes the problem was the filament got hydrated and a dehydrator fixed the problem thank you so much!