Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower in Texas?


To all Tesla fans (not the car, but the man), it appears a company is building a modern day Tesla Tower just south of Dallas:

Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower
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They’re gonna be sending electrical energy long distances using the earth’s surface as a wave guide?

As long as it’s not the Gubmint doing it, I guess there’s no harm…


Thanks for sharing! I saw this on my drive back to Dallas this week and I was curious as well.


Man I almost had to turn that video off because of the ridiculous conspiracy theories layered within, and the misinformation about Tesla. I won’t go into it that deeply but if anyone here is a fan of Tesla and the electrical revolution then check out Wizard: the life and times of Nikola Tesla, it was an excellent biography. Long but really good.

The main thing I wanted to mention about Tesla that is, in my opinion are 2 big misconceptions, the rivalry between him and Edison; and how he was supposedly screwed by investors (mostly JP Morgan) on a regular basis. The Edison-Tesla feud was greatly exaggerated by the media of the day (not much changed there), and while Edison did steal the occasional patent design here and there (and honestly everyone except Tesla did back then), he didn’t go out of his way to bury Tesla. Tesla screwed himself because he was terrible at business, and also would spend investor money on non related projects. He did it to Morgan more than once. So when Tesla asked Morgan to be an investor in Wardenclyffe he asked for $100k (for a 150 ft tower), Morgan agreed to $150k because he knew Tesla was going to waste some of the funds. Then Tesla desides to go for a 300 ft tower and asks for more money, Morgan refuses and the project flopped. Tesla did stuff like that time and again, and was also really bad about retaining a portion of his patents. He wanted to make things for the sake of the invention itself, as well as his ego. If he had a good business partner that could have stroked his ego and kept him on track with projects that would bring a profit we would be in a very different place technology wise today.


…but, but, I like the story of Tesla being the underdog who was way ahead of his time and got screwed over by Edison and Westinghouse!


My working theory based on no real facts is Tesla was from a future timeline where his time machine invention trapped him in the past. He then tried to build things ahead of its time with primitive technology. Or maybe I just played too much Red Alert II and watching Back to the Future.

Wizard: the life and times of Nikola Tesla is a great read as is “My Inventions” an autobiography. If you like facts and stuff.


He absolutely was way ahead of his time and given an unlimited budget and some focus (he bounced around a lot with his ideas) he would have jumped us way ahead. He really was the one who was innovating new ideas in those days and others work was just derivative of his. One of my favorite things was the kinds of things he predicted we would one day have… 100 years later. Like smart phones for example, he actually predicted those in the early 1900’s.


My personal favourite to this day is the remote control boat he demonstrated at Madison Square Garden in 1898. The first drone, in a time when people barely knew what a radio wave was.


I’m gonna leave this here … just in case anyone wants a laugh …


Its a shame that all that is left of his Colorado laboratory is just a plaque:

I mean sure Palmer Park is a nice place to go skateboarding and fishing but one would think that the man that mastered electricity, something we depend on in our era would have nothing left but memes and a repeat of history, cough musk cough


What could possibly wrong as long the government’s not involved.



That tower was briefly discussed here:


I do declare. I have heard talk of that. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Someone told me the other day that Texas electric futures for 2020 or so are priced basically as free energy. Things that make you say hmmm…


“played too much Red Alert II”

That is not possible! Such a great game.