Next woodworking classes

Hello Mark, I am new to DMS. I would like to know when the next complete woodworking classes will be available. Please let me know. Thank you

He puts them up for the weekends usually on both Saturday and Sunday tagging @Mrksls2

Look back on the Woodshop posts for a day or so. Mark just posted the next date for classes recently. They probably haven’t come out of Calendar Purgatory yet…

Me too!

Tom has set up Woodshop classes for Feb 25 [Woodshop 1 & 2 6:30-10PM] and Feb 27 [Woodshop 3 & 4 6:30-10:30PM]. Should hit the calendar soon. Hope this helps.


Mark is also having his Bread Board Boot Camp class Tuesday Feb 18th at 6PM. He said it should hit the calendar soon [next day or so].

Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also go to the “Member Access (Green Dot)” category and ask for your “Green Dot” [indicating that you are a member] - it will open up the “Member Only” areas of Talk. You can see the “Green Dot” on the icon by other people’s name.

And for completeness more good info can be found here:

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The sales guy
I think I gave you the tour, i’m the mexican in electronics

When you say ‘go to’ to get your green dot and see members only Talk,
Where am I going to exactly…?

While I am looking at Forums and Talk,
there is a green dot by my name.

Does that mean I have my green dot?
Or does it mean I am looking at members only Talk…or both?

I will review new members forum and wiki.
I have read both several times. But that doesn’t mean I got/understood all the info.

Thank you for everyone’s help!

Someone saw you were missing it and took care of it for you. If you notice pwnieluver [the post above yours] doesn’t have one - so he won’t have access to the member only areas [and no one will know if he’s a member].

The 411 page just gives general knowledge and what’s available. It took me a long time to realize we had remote access to lots of high dollar software through the jumpserver - which is explained on the 411 page. But I would say the best thing you can do if you want to know something is to ask - so you’re doing fine.

I hope you enjoy the space and have fun interacting with creatures members who call DMS home.

Cool! Thank you to the person(s) who got me my green dot!

And thank you for your info!