Next weaving class project on floor loom

DMS WEAVERS (includes those learning)

Sooooo…for first class project on floor loom, I’m thinking a cotton placemat sized piece of cloth in these colors, using this pattern (loom setup so you can do any/all of these three). Approx materials cost $10

IMPORTANT, need to be DMS member since there will be an initial group class to learn what to do, but then you’ll have to come in independently to weave when it’s your turn.

What say you? Who’s interested?


I’m in, just let me know when!

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I’m also in!

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I’ll do a post when I submit it to calendar as a heads up for those that like to pounce

I suspect it will fill quick, but there’s more where that came from :slight_smile:


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Definitely interested.

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I’m in! Can’t wait.

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And to everyone, if it fills quick and there’s still a lot of folks, I’ll do another one. I’m happy so many are enthusiastic :heart:

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