Next Portraits in Wood class

For those that requested I do a 2nd class scheduled for 01/02/21 at 1pm with a cutting demo at 3pm. It has been posted to the Calendar 11/29/20 at 10:50 am. It should go live in 48 hours so look for it 12/01/20. cost is $10. cheers!


It has posted by the way…


Can I show up late to the classroom part by like 20 minutes? Cause I get off work at 1.

I start at 5 after. Obviously I would prefer everyone were on time. My classes generally have a rhythm and progression. I do not back up if you miss anything important.

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Nick, what are we to bring to class beside $10?

Only whatever you need to take notes. And a face covering of course. Cheers


I’ve had a cancellation for this class. PM me if you want the slot. I’ll post when it’s filled. Again - 1 slot. sorry.

Pm sent :heart:

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The slot is yours @Sarah_Hustwit. See you there.

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Yay! Thanks!!

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