Next open forge?

When is the next open forge? I dont see it on the calendar

I have set up a class for Saturday, 20 April 2019 at 10am. I posted it late on Saturday (13 April) so it may be Tuesday night (or later?) until it is available for signup.

Class project will be to make herb choppers from farriers rasps. Cost is $10 for materials and fuel. Class size is limited to 10 as this is a more involved project than some of our other beginner projects.

Here is a link to the class, but please note that the while the link will work the Registration on that page won’t until the class approval process completes.

(Edited to indicate probable Tuesday signup start).


I am interested in the class, it does not say there are any slots open. Has the class opened for registration?

Meaning (probably) 72 hoursish after that post…

Thanks for the clarification. I will keep my eyes open.

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Don’t see that it’s open. Would it be okay if I work on a project?

Yes, you can.

From the class description:
“If you have some experience and would like to work on your own projects you can also come out for some open forge time.”

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