Next Maker Meetup: August 25th: Cidercade


Let’s get nerdy y’all

Meeting up at Twisted Root went really well. I thought I would enter another event to your social calendar later on in the month. Cidercade maker meet up.


Video games and beer, I’m in!!!


If they have a dry pear cider, I’m in and will buy the organizer a drink for clueing me into this place.


Current list of what’s on tap:



Now if they only had translations for their creative cider names.


I wonder what “SOLD OUT” tastes like!


I was going ask what Sold Out tasted like as well, but left it for others to opine.


You set 'em up, I’ll knock 'em down!


Also pushing this up so people can see it


It’s a very, very light flavor with notes of unfulfilled dream.


I can safely decipher at least one. Crackberry is cranberry blackberry cider. I will say that I’m afraid of “Kind of a Big Dill”.


I happen to be way too familiar with that flavor!


Dicken’s is still my favorite, but I will give their offerings a shot.


Ill have to check if I’m still on the high score list for Q-Bert!


Damn, I’ve been meaning to check out cidercade but it’s on a Saturday :cry::sob:


I wanted to do this, but the Machine Shop committee meeting conflicts.

I hope we do this again if the first one goes well.


It goes from 5-ish to ‘whenever’. I’m sure people will still be there after 8 or 9 or so.


As will I.


Come on, go…It’ll be fun


So they are going to put a reserved sign on one of the tables for us. I’m not sure what the turnout is going to be but in all honestly it really doesn’t matter - it’s all for the fun of it.
I’m not staying long - I’m going to have my son with me and that means we get kicked out by 8 so the adults can have room to get crazy.

Hope everyone considers getting a bit social together.
I’ll organize another burger night as well because that went really well for lots of reasons - close to the space, food is good and not terribly priced, big common tables, beer.