Next Laser 101 or Private Class?

Hi all, happy Monday!!

There doesn’t seem to be any upcoming Laser 101 classes in 2019? Will there be more classes added or is there an opportunity for a private training?

Also, in the meantime, would anyone be available to help me with a cut, while I wait for training? My current laser is not large enough for a project I am hoping to complete this week.

Thanks so much!!

Not sure about the schedule for the next 101 class, but I might have time to help with a cut this week. Just PM me and we’ll see if we can work it out.


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Thanks so much David!! PMing you now. =)

David, I tried messaging you but am getting an error that I can’t message you. I am new to the community so I am not sure. Could you see if you can message me?

I think when your profile is super new, there’s some kind of modest threshold before you can initiate sending PM. But I think they can be sent to you


Trust Level 1 must be met:

But TL0 can respond to PM. Just can’t initiate…

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I’ll be adding a Laser 101 class in early September, but realize that may not help your situation much.


Let’s see if this helps any – @Team_Moderators – can you see if you can give @onikehbw a Green Dot?

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Thanks everyone!! =)

Hello everyone!

I am also interested in taking the laser 101 class and was wondering if there would be a class opening within the next week?

I’m trying to crank out a couple of projects before I move and want to try and do the training as soon as possible.

Thank you!