Next Hass Training?

Dose anyone know when the next training for the Hass CNC will be?

What part are you looking for? The Machine Side or the CAD/CAM?

Machine Side,
Looking for the next Hass-specific training.
I’ve run Various other CNCs and am familiar with CAD/CAM


The HAAS is currently down. There will be no machine side until it is finished being repaired.


Have we finally settled on a preferred CAM package for the HAAS? I completed the domino with @nicksilva using F360 prior to the license changes from AutoDesk. I’m hoping that we have found a suitable CAM solution that allows for reasonable import of designs from F360. With a few attempts to recreate the domino and one of my own designs in a new CAM solution, I would be very interested in the machine-side HAAS class when it is ready again.

Yes, we have MasterCAM. I personally have yet to use it. We have 7 licenses, IIRC the 6 are in the PC’s in the Pillar of Solitude. Those licenses are floating licenses.

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Thanks so much. Time for me to start learning, I suppose. Also need to learn PathPilot for the Tormach! Beginning to think that a full personal F360 license might not be a bad investment if I have access to both CNC machines (assuming the committee would allow us to use such a license/CAM package… but I’ll save that for another discussion at another time.)

The cam setup is solely up to the discretion of the person signing off at the machine side. The main point is people must be able to follow directions. This was held pretty high on the standard to be competent of the ability to use the machine. Being that we are in an “in between” state, it may be laxed slightly of which cam you use.

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I am interested in learning how to use the Tormach and HAAS as well. No hurry on the HAAS, but I think the Tormach might help with some dop making.

Is there a recommended set of steps to learn this software? I’ll look into MasterCAM and Fusion 360.


I will start teaching the Tormach in the next month. Keep an eye open for classes.


I will keep an eye out,
What cam package will the class use?

What CAM? The machine is setup to use conversational mode. That is what the class will teach. You can use any CAM package you want but it isn’t part of the class.

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I usually do each class and ,mastercam. but just had another stroke, so i’m down for the forseeable future.