Next class Shapeoko 3

When can we expect a class on the Shapeoko 3? I’m taking the class for 2, will that count towards learning the 3 or is it different information, operations and software

This is a question for @jphelps .

The software is different from one to the other.

If you take the 2 first you will most likely have a smoother learning curve. As the machines increase in size and power, there is a much higher cognitive load. More importantly, the damage you can cause due to lack of experience increases dramatically.

Depends on what it is that he wants to do. If he wants to do plastic, just take the 3. If he wants to get into the MultiCam, then start with 2.

My point is that you focus on different aspects of cnc. Each one develops skills and concepts that are required to be successful for the next more sophisticated machine. The small machine is like a tech demonstrator.