Next class on multicam?

Hi y’all, I’m interested in learning how to operate the multicam. I’ve taken the Shapeoko 2 class, and plan on taking Shapeoko 3 tonight. I know the multicam is a wholly different beast, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any resources, be it teachers, videos, or other learning materials.

I also wanted to know if there were any other prerequisites other than taking a class on the multicam proper

The current process is that upon completion of the SO2 and SO3 classes approach @SWA and discuss. There is no class or classes specific to that machine at this time. Note: You will want to learn the basics of VCarve Pro first.

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Will there be any Shapiro 2 classes coming up? Didn’t see any on the schedule.

So the Shapiro 3 training is required to learn the multicam?

That’s interesting. The Shapeoko III isn’t a listed machine that one can search the Calendar by.

It’s ‘Machine Shop Shapeoko 3 XXL’.

Likely to see one later this month.

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