Next Bridgeport/Colchester Training Classes

I recently joined the MakerSpace and was hoping to work in the Machine Shop. I checked the class schedule and there does not appear to be a Bridgeport Mill or Colchester Lathe training scheduled.

Is there sufficient demand for the training that this class may be available soon?

Thanks for your help!

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Welcome, I believe @BobKarnaugh will be putting on a lathe class next. He did a Bridgeport class a couple weeks ago. We do have pre-requisite for the classes. Here is a link to our general information.

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I have a Bridgeport schedule next week that is filled.

If needed for Haas class PM me.

edit: Also watch the link above especially day or two ahead of class for people that cancel or possible stand-by (it’s a hassle but often there will be one opening at last minute).

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Great, thanks! I’ll study the prerequisite materials in the mean time.


That is the plan, anyhow. Lathe classes this month, more Bridgeport classes in February.


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Would like to know the next class for the vertical mill. Seems that i missed this last class by a few days.

I’ll try to get one up the first week of Feb for the Bridgeport


Charlie Dodson

+1 214 468 7793 Direct

+1 214 683 9125 Cell

I’ve reviewed all study materials and passed both quizzes available through the online course portal for the Bridgeport/Colchester machines. I see that there is a lathe class scheduled for Feb 25th, but I am not able to register for it, because it says I’m still missing my Quiz pass. I’d like to put in a request for a Bridgeport part II class as well.


Dylan Farmer

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. You should be able to sign up now, you are in the AD for both machines.