Next art show - 10X10! It's the favorite show of the year!

I’m copying what I put down last year as I don’t have much time.
Wood will be bought on Wednesday
Cut on Thursday
Available starting Thursday afternoon in the Creative Arts Room
Reminder that it need not be on wood at all
Last year I gave out 106 pieces and got 36 back. I’m hoping to at least double the participation this year.

10X10 show info
Heres an example for the non-visual people in the group:

The creative arts at DMS would like to invite you to transform this piece of wood (measuring 10inches by 10inches) into something unique that represents you as a maker, you as an artist or something completely out of left field. For the September 17th open house I’m challenging DMS to have 100 makers represented to show individuals the variety of experience, style, techniques, and interests we have up at this space. Please understand if you are taking this you are expected to complete it.

Drop-off finished work by September 10th in the creative arts room
Make sure to fill out the name, title, on a piece of masking tape
Go online to to fill out your label
Help hand the work September 11th time TBA
Opening party will be September 17th 8p
Show will hang till November 27th
After December 8th work left will be considered donations to the space.

Finished weight must be under 6lbs or we will ask you to provide special hanging materials for your piece
If your piece requires special hanging requirements or is unusually delicate you are asked to show at hanging (Sept 11 5p) to put the piece up yourself
If the finished piece is to hang off the wall it must not extend more then 8 inches
Totally open media, totally open technique: It’s completely open
No offensive content, words or suggestive imagery
Get crazy with it.

Creative Arts would like to ask for a small donation of $1-5 to cover the cost of the wood, hanging materials and posters. It’s completely optional

I didn’t get this information out as fast as I would like but I was in Colorado. Now that I’m back the wheels are moving…slowly.



Boards will be cut today and Ill be gluing “rules” to the back and we will get them in your hands as fast as we possibly can!

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If you can, consider adding CA donation QR thingy to the printed rules to be glued.


good call! I will do that. Cash has been better as from what I understand paypal is a pain to organize


Out of curiosity, what is our cost per 10x10 panel? Wood, rules sheet, & glue?

Around $2.00
I believe it’s $1.6?ish

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Lots and lots of help today from makers To get the 10x10s cut and ready. Thank you! The wood pieces are located in the ca room along the cubby walls-should be easy to see.
Realize it need not be made out of wood. It’s simply a visual moment for you to focus on. I already have out around 10 so they are already going quick. If you decide not to do it please return the wood so someone else can have a chance to use it. If you have questions please ask!


Ok, so a $5 donation would totally cover the cost of entry. That is exactly what I needed to know. I just missed it last year, so I’m anxious to participate this year.

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Ya. I put at the bottom a suggested donation the whole cost of the show is something that ca can absorb but honestly it would be nice if everyone helped a bit. Last year 32 participants paid for 60% of it which was nice.

Ps I understand if you don’t have the means to participate financially but in no way do I want that to stop you from joining in on the fun.


Seriously seriously seriously we are down to possibly around 30ish boards if you are interested you better get your booty to the CA room and pick one up ASAP. I don’t anticipate making more boards anytime soon.
I’ve talked and met many walking around meeting people asking (ummm telling them with positive peer pressure) that they should participate.
The beauty behind this show is it’s simplicity and also the idea that once placed up it’s a reflection of “us” everyones imagination combined with the concept of this place. I really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy hosting it. It’s a moment of collective makerspace pride. Everyone has about the same timeframe, same opportunity, and same challenge - I can’t wait to see how you solve the issue.
If you take a board and aren’t going to complete the task I ask that you return it to the CA room so it can be used by someone else.


Be aware we have about 15 10x10s left to give out as of last night. If you have one and you won’t be participating please take it back to CA so others can participate.
I’m so excited!

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Pushing this up to gain.

We only have 6 more 10X10’s available. They are in a corner of the room on top of the bin storage.

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We are out of 10X10 pieces and we have no intentions of creating more. If you want to participate I whole heartily support you but realize you must go into the world and create without a base.

If anyone received one and won’t be completing the project please return it to the CA room ASAP so someone else might pick it up. Thank you for your participation and interest.

I do believe this is the perfect symbol of who we are as a community. It delights me that so many members are taking this project on (either by {cough} coercion or willingness)

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