New youtube channel for those of us 'on the spectrum'

Greetings Fellow Mutants!

Lately the google/youtube AI has been trying to steer my attention toward higher math (at which I currently suck, but still find really fascinating). But last night while surfing youtube for 3D Printing and related videos, one of the random related suggested videos was from a programmer/brainy guy named Dave Plummer, who’s been around for a long time and written many books and started many successful businesses. Evidently, just recently, he was tested and determined to be autistic.

He’s written a new book called " Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire: Everything I know about Autism, ASD, and Asperger’s that I wish I’d known back then…", and started a new youtube channel to discuss all things autistic. I bought the book this morning and enjoyed the, so far, 2 videos on this new channel as well as others on his main channel. You might, too. And I think the info and discussions might also be helpful for those he terms ‘neurotypical’ who have friends, family, and associates who are on the spectrum.

I’m not getting anything for sharing this info. Just thought some of my DMS family might find the info useful and entertaining. He’s got a great sense of humor and communicates well.

Link to his main channel:

Link to Autistic Millionaire channel:

Link to the book on Amazon:

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