New Welding Classes


Hi, I’m Marlon Pena, Lead Manufacture of Dallas Formula Racing and I would like to set up another welding class for 5 of my teammates. They already have a membership and we are willing to pay for the extra class. We are available on the weekends and I myself have already taken the class. I would like my teammates to get started before the manufacturing process begins. If any of the tig welding instructors would be interested in teaching us, it will be a huge help!


Next time I schedule a class I’ll mention you on talk, and they can all sign up for it.


Malcolm, I’m interested in a TIG class also. Sometime after Thanksgiving, maybe early December would be great.

Thanks for teaching!


Thank you, It would be a big help for my team and to help get this project get back on track!


I’ve scheduled two welding classes for TIG on December 1st. They will show up on the calendar in 72 hours.

If you can try and have your whole group in one class (there is a Steel and a AL one, pick which one interests you more). Also make sure they sign up for the Welding Safety class.



I’ve setup a TIG welding class for the following Saturday morning (10 to noon)


What date?


December 8


Awesome, thank you so much!! We are also more interested in learning steel


@malcolmputer I’m definitely interested in your December 1 class. I don’t see it on the calendar yet. Thanks




Thanks Malcom. All signed up. Ple ase verify that I signed up only once. I had trouble with a credit card and want to make sure it only went through once.

Thanks and see you there.


I only see one registration on my end, so I think you’re good.


Classes are live, and are already filling up, so if you want your whole group in the steel class you need to register ASAP. Unfortunately there is no way to hold reservations on the calendar, so get it while it’s hot.


Thank you so much! Also when is the general welding safety course?


That same day, right before the welding class :slight_smile: I had a sneaky suspicion you might need one for your group.


Awesome, starting at what time?


This one, I suspect, if I’ve followed this thread properly…
Starts at 1300…