New to Woodshop. Where to buy wood?

Hello talented woodworking people!

I am new at working with wood as well as the Dallas maker space!

There are two questions.

1.) Where can we get the cheapest wood from? (Central Hardwoods? Home Depot? Lowes?)

2.) I want to build a book shelf and a desk, and so would you recommend hard wood or soft wood? Also, what type? (I’m not trying to go fancy)

Thank you!

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Ikea and Lumber liquidators for my last 2 desks.

BTW you should define “Cheap” I was going with Value.

Get ready for Plywood… if you want cheap



thank you so much!

I’m a new carpenter myself. I use MDF to mock up and practice as well as pine. Once I feel confident (or like a built in where I want to make sure it fits) I get the good stuff


I got a bunch of slabs in my storage unit. We can go through some stuff if you’d like and give me a price range?

Hardwood Lumber Co is my go to. Don’t know how it compares to Central Hardwoods but is pretty reasonable. Dakota Lumber Co. is cheaper than Hardwood but harder to see their stock. At Central they won’t let you pick your boards.

Finally, Plywood Company in Fort Worth has very reasonable (AND POSTED ONLINE!) rates for their lumber, though clearly their focus is elsewhere so the selection isn’t as vast. And a much further drive than the aforementioned three.