New to DMS and I'm interested in joining your community

Hello as I said I am new to DMS and I would like to join the small metalworking community. Who would I talk to? And is there anything I’m allowed to do at this point?

We have a lot of different options for metal working!

There is metal shop, with welding, plasma and the grinders and such. For that @hon1nbo or @Team_Metal_Shop your best resources

There is the machine shop, with our metal lathes and milling machines, drills and saws. They just expanded and are super active right now, there will be lots of people on @Team_Machine_Shop who can help get you started.

Then there is blacksmithing, we have an indoor induction forge and a gas forge for outdoors. @Team_Blacksmithing can get you going with that. I personally recommend the induction forge class, it’s an awesome tool!

And finally we have precious metals in jewelry. We have a super active group in jewelry who does everything from casting to stamping and even wire wrapping. @Team_Jewelry can help, or if you are around the space this morning I’ll be there working on a silver bolo tie and can give you a one on one orientation.


I’m here as we speak and would love to talk!

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