New Teachers for Laser Basics

We have two new Teachers for Laser Basics. This covers use of the Thunder Lasers, not setting things on fire, and an intro to Lightburn.

Welcome & thank you
@TSki @Wid


thank you, added them to the wiki list under instructors
Category:Laser - Dallas Makerspace

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Thank you @dougemes. I should have do that.

Who adds them to the AD group?

hmm, michael or jast off the top of my head, but going forwards, should be jonathon once he is confirmed.

Last year I changed my approach to teaching laser basics. I made it more hands on. Still kept most of the talking points, but did it as students walked thru the physicality of using the machine.

That’s what I shared with Tom and Matthew.

Re teaching: Mini videos, like proper focusing, using origin/home… That’s great for moodle.


I think that’s the best way to teach it. I would do the same thing when I taught laser at my previous makerspace. I would go through everything and then each student would walk through every step themselves while I added more information and answered questions. We would only have 4/5 people per class because of the room size, so I was able to spend a good amount of time helping each student.

I found that having each student physically walk through all the steps 2-3 times helped cement it in their brains. Then when they came on their own, they would need less help remembering the steps and order of what to do.

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Please let me know when you have a class offered!

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Hey, I’m still not added to the laser teacher AD list, and need to add a few members. I see that @trapezium is the new laser chair, if you could help me out with this I would appreciate it.

Please add both Matthew and Tom to the list of Laser teachers for AD.


This is not a team_infra. Laser chair is able to do this.

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@Wid & @TSki please PM with unique ID to disambiguate the multitude of “Toms” and multiples of “Matthew Maduzias”.

Great. Help @trapezium out. He just got the gig.

Yes, but laser chair doesn’t know how to do this yet. And probably doesn’t have access yet. How do I add people to the AD?

@hon1nbo put out a nice description on how to do this and the link when the system was put into place. Maybe this should be pinned somewhere or in the wiki if it’s not already.

It’s a “canned reply” on talk. Also until you’re confirmed it’s still @michaelb

There’s a handy youtube video that explains how teachers and chairs manage users in AD:

There’s discussion about this here:


I was at the lasers last week during a flurry of training, and I got to see some of the new people in action. Y’all did great! Thanks for being willing to get our new members up and running. <3

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