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As promised; the RFP. DMS - DRAFT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Large Format Printing Acquisition - Google Docs.pdf (121.3 KB)


Estimated space requirements
DMS Printer space block


Is 27’ x 22’ the space allocated already? I showed up late last night so might of missed that part.


No, the room that the wide-format printer, the vinyl cutter, and the dye sub equipment is currently set to move to is roughly 16’ x 13’.


2 printers, contour cutter, dye sub, scanner, 1-2 PC workstations, and media storage is a tight fit. What is the foot print of the dye sub equipment? I will draw up some plans tonight based on 16’ x 13’ .


Please come to the ca meeting. We need to split that room up with several other items unless the idea is a completely separate room. Could you expand on the idea you guys shared?


Will you be around tonight? I can show you what we have - scaled.


Ok, I just realized a lot of problems with this. The default sizes in are WAY off. That door is 80" wide. I’ve corrected it and attached a new drawing. DMS Printer space block2
We can make it narrower by moving the door to the side or no door, storage under the table and storage in the corners. Lots of options, I was just trying to get the basic needs in.

64" Printer: 101 x 33 x 54 in; Cutter: 77.9 x 26.8 x 45.1 in
48" Printer: 80 x 33 x 54 in
Table: 75x75"
Desktops, standard 6’ folding table. (30x72),


Sure, I will be there around 7pm.


I’m just guessing on the dye sub as 48x34"DMS Printer space block 18x14


That was kinda my thinking on the layout but the cut table has to go too. The printer dimensions you have are the footprint of the machine but not the working area. You will need minimum 4ft for loading/unloading media in front and ideally ~3ft in back. I don’t know enough about the art printer to say if it requires the same. The plotter can sit against the wall and a rolling media cart might be best for storage that can be pushed into a corner and pulled out to access the media. Computers don’t have to be in the same room as the printers can be network connected.


I was expecting the equipment to all have wheels for access to the back.
Not having a cut table will make everything awkward. It’s used for more than just cut’s, it’s for framing, transferring cut outs, etc. Finishing table may be a better name.


I was thinking if we can get lucky with a donation and it ends up being a rear loading it is best to plan for that 3ft of space. If it is front loading it only needs about 6in from the wall for airflow.

I agree the finishing table is essential but it would make things too cramped in that space. It would be better to use a general workbench or cutting table in another area than try and squeeze one in there.


I’d like to be added to this forum. I’ll continue to follow and contribute where I can.