New series! Papermaking

I’ve got Papermaking 101 pending approval for June 11 at 5pm. Regisgration should open in a fee days. Now all I need to know is what does and doesn’t sound interesting! (Best part is all the papermaking classes should be free)

Papermaking 102…learn inclusions like multicolored papers, plantable papers, and embedded designs/shaped papers

Papermaking 103…learn to add a watermark to your paper and make your own deckle

Papermaking 104…wet forming/paper casting sculptural papers and embossing

Papermaking 105…artist quality papers using advanced fibers like rag and adding performance enhancements like sizing

102-105 will be posted soon


Looks like I missed this in June. I’ve been doing Printmaking classes (block printing, relief, screen printing, multi-color) and would LOVE to do one or more papermaking classes. I can guarantee a +1 besides me to sign up, and would be happy to help promote it.

Do you think you’ll offer it again soon?


Yes I will! I took a week off to do my personal projects and make some new classes. I figured most were busy with 4th of July festivities. I return from Nebraska on the 16th I’ll be putting classes up again for that week, most likely that Sunday so we can do 101 and 102 back to back for those who did not make it the first time

Edit…we are also in progress getting dry point classes up for printmaking! Power to the printers :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I already have a dry point project I want to do and a reference photo ready to go.

I asked around on social media and have got myself + two others as a definite YES for papermaking classes, plus one or two others who are interested.

I’ll keep an eye out for your classes when you get back!

Still excited about this! :grinning: